Through Soma (Somatic) Constellations work, we are able to become curious about embodied key roles or imprinting that is in our mind, body and spirit that have understandably effected our relationship to trust in others. Let's share and release blocks to our most aligned, purposeful lives. By increasing body-awareness and mapping out the repetitive, karmic or trauma-based patterns of various parts of us, we are able to unravel stuck patterns playing out in our everyday lives that didn't start with us. Let's release these patterns and deepen our sense of trust. 

Soma Constellations is a blend of Family Constellations work, somatic body-based techniques and parts-work of IFS (Internal Family Systems). Through guided, gentle role-play, participants will get to know: their most expansive sense of Self, their protective fears & parts of us that keep us stuck, connection with our child parts, connection to our guides and ancestors beyond. We will map out our internal, external and spiritual worlds through role-play, somatics and art. Join us to learn embodied healing practices that are both deep & fun! Sliding Scale.