NOV 28 | 7P

Subtle Self: a Feldenkrais workshop

image of a dancer with their hands covering their eyes against a pale blue sky
DEC 2 | 7:30p

here, there.

black and white photo of a dancer's silhouette in the window
DEC 8 - 9 | 8P

Urban Nut

Cartoon drawing of nutcracker face in neon colors against a black background with red and yellow stripes on either side
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Image of clothing items agains teal backdrop including a cream sweatshirt, maroon shorts, and blue tshirt

Stomping Ground L.A.

A community arts center for people to gather and create

We believe everyone is creative and should have the opportunity to express themselves in the arts. SGLA provides a safe space for the development, creation, and sharing of artistic work by both professionals and the communities we serve.

Class Schedule

Gather and Create

SGLA located in the awesome neighborhood of El Sereno in East L.A. at 5453 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032. SGLA recognizes and values our presence on the native lands of the Tongva, Chumash, and Kizh nations, and hope to pay homage to them in the creative, cultural work conducted here. 

We look forward to partnering with you to provide our communities with inspiring artistic experiences that embolden and ignite their creative spirit. We are a rental facility that helps you bring your event, performance, workshop, pop-up market, etc to life!  Interested in sharing your artistic work here?  Please reach out at [email protected]


large warehouse with green backdrop and silouette of a person filming a subject in the background