This is not your usual Nutcracker.  Eclectic choreography, jamming soundtrack, and Clara is played by a lucky member of the audience! 

With 15 choreographers and over 40 performers, this is a celebration of community and the diverse voices that make up the Stomping Ground L.A. collective of friends and artists. It is an opportunity to revisit the holiday tradition of the Nutcracker story with fresh eyes and fun in mind. We love our craft of dance to tell stories and bring joy to friends and families, and we can't wait to bring this to life with all of you!

Everyone is donating their time and talents to this production to raise money for the SGLA Scholars program starting next year where we will provide scholarships to local youth and pre-professionals to attend classes and workshops at the space with the amazing companies and artists teaching here. We appreciate your purchase of a ticket to make this program possible.

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Allena Allen, Andrew Pearson, Anna Long, Derrick Paris, Felicia St Cyr, Genna Moroni, Hunter Wayne Foster, Kate Coleman, Kate Mason, Kevin Holland, Leah Zeiger, Melissa Schade, Sade Keinu Austin, Taylor Unwin, and William L Miller, Jr.

DANCERS: Alex Rix, Allena Allen, Allie Miks, Anna Long, Baylie Olsen, Bella Allen, Brittany Hill, Caitlin Cullen, Carole Bacic, Casey Shea, Chelsea Roquero, Courtney Darlington, Dakota Hedgepeth, Darby Epperson, Daviel Shy, Dave X, Derrick Paris, Elizabeth Smith, Emily Wanserski, Eva Angeloff, Felicia St Cyr, Hunter Wayne Foster, Jane Zogbi, Jodie Mashburn, Julie Song, Julietta Magaña Pérez, Kate Coleman, Keilan Stafford, Kelle Meschede, Krystal Masteller, Laura Davich, Liz Dunn, Maddie Lacambra, Madison Clark, Mariah Tilili, McCall Olsen, Natalie Allen, Natalie Iscovich, Nicole Hagen, Noelle Hauptmann-Anderson, Paige Amicon, Sandy Strangis, Sarah Polednak, Sofia Klass, Taylor Unwin, Thom Kitt, Tiffany Sweat, Tippy Dringman, Valerie Whitehawk, and Violet Sciole

DIRECTION: Kate Hutter Mason

Dec 9 + 10

*Please note: Masks will be required to be worn by the audience when indoors.  Thank you!