This is not your usual Nutcracker!  Eclectic choreography, jamming soundtrack, and Clara (the star of the production) is played by a lucky member of the audience picked before each show!

With 16 choreographers and over 30 performers, this is a celebration of community and the diverse voices that make up the Stomping Ground L.A. collective of artists. It is an opportunity to revisit the holiday tradition of the Nutcracker story with fresh eyes and fun in mind. We love our craft and want to utilize dance of all styles to tell stories and bring joy to friends and families.  We can't wait to bring this to life with all of you!

Everyone is donating their time and talents to this production to raise money for the SGLA Scholars Program where we provide scholarships to local youth and adult learners living in the vicinity of SGLA to attend classes and workshops at the space with the amazing companies and artists teaching here for FREE! We appreciate your purchase of tickets to make this program possible with 100% of the proceeds going to providing scholarships in 2024.


Performers: Alex Rix, Allie Levey, Andrea Miller, Anna Kazwell, Caroline Costantino, Casey Shea, Cate Boone, Celine Kiner, Chelsea Roquero, Claire Moore, Diana Relth, Emily O'Rourke, Eva Angeloff, Felicia St. Cyr, Jeannette Sharp Oakes, Jodie Mashburn, Jul Wiggins, Katey Besser, Kayla Mason, Langdon Sterling, Leah Zeiger, Leslie Burn, Madison Clark, Marygold Martinez, Mason Gray, May Lim, Maya Peterson, Melissa Valenzuela, Monica Williams, Naomi Oppenheim, Nazli Durak, Sandy Strangis, Tippy Dringman, Toby Echeverria, Victoria Roman, Zoe Lesser, and surprise guest appearances!

Choreographers: Abriel Gardner, Andrew Pearson, Arielle Dettmer, Brandon Maxwell, Chelsea Roquero, Derrick Paris, Felicia St. Cyr, Kate Hutter Mason, Leah Zeiger, Melissa Schade, Madison Clark, Marianna Varviani, Rachel Whiting, Safire, Santiago Villarreal, Sofia Klass, and TRIN Dance Theatre

Director and Stage Manager: Kate Hutter Mason
Lighting Designer: Bryanna Brock
Front of House Manager: Emily Wanserski
Props and Backstage Manager: Christine Wong
Backstage Crew: Lily Massie
Videographer: Glyn Gray



$10, $15, $20 ticket price options
*All proceeds from the event go to support scholarships in 2024