Subtle Self: a Feldenkrais workshop

This workshop will introduce The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education through a series of two Awareness Through Movement lessons for an in-depth exploration of our relationships to sensing/feeling and intention, effort, and action. We will also practice giving and receiving touch, sensitively listening to how two nervous systems meet and move together. Throughout, we will notice changes and observe our ability to find and be interested in new sensations, patterns, and ways of moving.

The Feldenkrais Method® makes use of our sensory ability to notice differences and make choices to move with ease, specificity, and enjoyment. Primary is nurturing awareness and expanding self-perception through gentle movement and directed attention. Each lesson guides students through a specific set of movements, rest, and attention that slowly links together inducing movement that feels easy, light, and efficient. These lessons are wonderful for anyone who wants to bring more freedom, coordination, or fullness to their physical practice or day to day activities.

Open to all, no previous experience required. 


Location: Garage Space
Price: $25