Marianna Varviani invites you to explore the storytelling power of physical expression. Through this workshop, we will play with dramaturgical structures, explore movement language and creative tools that will shape embodied worlds. Through three hours of practice, we will investigate relationship dynamics, textures, and movement manifestations, as well as the who, what, where, and why’s of creating a piece. This workshop is open to dancers, actors, and movers of all kinds and all levels! Come ready to move and sweat a little! 


Bring water, snacks if you get hungry and a notebook and pen for yourself. 


About the artist:

Marianna was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She has a BA in Contemporary Theatre from E15/ University of Essex in London, and an MFA in Dance from UCLA. She has performed, created and co-produced dance theater performances in Greece, the UK, Spain, Brazil and the US. She is the Artistic Director of Selcouth with which she has choreographed works for the 'European Dance Network', 'Arc for Dance Festival', 'Our Festival', as well as numerous theaters. Her award-winning Dance Film Series 'Time to Dream' has been shared in international festivals.

Marianna has been teaching choreography, contemporary dance, devising, physical theater and movement since 2009. She has taught classes and workshops in UCLA, University of Texas el Paso, for Heidi Duckler Dance, the Young Choreographers Project, at Piyoda Flow, and Motive Brooklyn (in the US). In studio Kinitiras, Chorpus Visual, Belleville, and Ministry of Culture in Greece. She is also a Guest Director at E15, in London every winter.

Marianna’s work is centered around individual expression. Her practice is inspired by the intersection of instinctive movements, everyday gestures, traditional and social forms. She is interested in facilitating communal experiences and interactions, by creating works that are connected to the here and now.