Join Certified Massage Therapist Alex Rix every Monday for $1/min Bodywork Tailored for the Dancing Body (40% original price, before gratuity).

In her words: 

In order to share my passion about sustainable self-care practices, I offer bodywork specifically tailored to the dancing body. I believe care and maintenance for the body should not be a luxury but an accessible practice that provides release, rest, and rejuvenation. In these 60 minute sessions we can help prepare your body for a day of dancing, target a specific body part or injury, or cool down and somatically reflect the movement experienced throughout the day. Through compressions of the muscles, myofascial release, and other soft tissue manipulation, you will relax and become more in tune with your body. 

Alex is versed in:
- Circulatory
- Deep Tissue
- Shiatsu
- Sports Massage
- Cupping Therapy


Sessions Available:

*Sessions take place in the SGLA dressing room, located in the lobby*

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