person kneeling and reaching arms forward while looking up to the sun with white dress on and hair in their face pictured against an brown rock wall

Hello, my name is Rebecca.

I am a facilitator, healer, and soul activist fiercely committed to bringing experiences of inspired dance to everyday people. 

My path to facilitation has been forged by my own losses, trauma, and continual seeking. The work I share is an intertwining of my longtime practice in embodied dance, yogic training, and life experience.

Having spent many years working at a music venue in both NYC and LA I developed a rich and unique musical library. Dancers can feel my deep love of music in the artful soundscape that serve as a foundation in my offerings.

In 2019 I founded Belonging To Love and have had the privilege of sharing my work in retreat centers, dance & yoga studios, online, in private homes, and underneath the stars.

I currently live in Los Angeles on unceded Tongva land with my husband Andre.

Movement Exploration

Belonging To Love is a free form dance practice to celebrate the human journey from longing to belonging founded and facilitated by Rebecca Lynn Gunn. 

In this class we will explore the physical body, mind body, emotional body, and the soul. Beginners encouraged! Please find full details at

Belonging To Love
Exchange $25 via Venmo @belongingtolove