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Psychopomp Dance Theater is grounded in viscerally athletic movement exploring social issues through the structure of Jewish culture and thought. Shenandoah’s ancestral heritage of collaboration and discourse informs the collaborative culture of Psychopomp. The company resists hierarchical structures in creation processes. This work style gives more responsibility and respect to the dance artists in the company. Inclusion and empathy based communication is at the root of our work style. Every artist in the company is asked to not only authentically represent their own identity but also question how their choices impact others. Psychopomp’s work pushes the limits of dynamically powerful athleticism and storytelling while remaining grounded in virtuosic dance technique through a ritualistic mental rigor. The movement style is rooted in complex floorwork, powerful acrobatic Parkour movements and draws spaciously powerful traveling techniques from Horton and Limon. For Shenandoah, movement and her ethno-religious Jewish identity are one in the same. Both offer ways to question and challenge standards to fulfill the duty of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. 

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Open Contemporary Class with the company

Class price: Sliding scale $10-$25

How to sign up: Venmo @PsychopompDance or Cash