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Psychopomp Dance Theater was founded by Shenandoah Harris to fill the gap of what is missing in not only the microcosm of dance but also the macrocosm of our world.

Shenandoah Harris moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue her dream career as a professional touring dancer. Through personal experiences in the industry, she realized many forms of abuse run rampant. Psychopomp was created to not only advocate for a more tolerant, fair and honest community, but to create one.

Psychopomp blends classical modern styles with high impact Acrobatic/Parkour movements, rooted in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. This movement can be high risk and physically exhausting. It requires a deepened sense of focus, trust and connection.The company uses archaic myths, religious stories or historical events as a starting point for inspiration.

Humans are meant to move. The body is our first form of communication and transportation—our first way of survival. The more movement in our bodies and connection through exertion—the closer we become. Psychopomp presents the raw human experience, giving the viewer the opportunity to witness authentic expression and new perspectives. Psychopomp strives to help a person abstractly gain empathy through art and movement, creating a more empathetic world.

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