instructor with blonde hair and polka dot top reaches their right arm in the air while smiling leads a class of people in the same stretch

The Pony Sweat organization is inspired by queer-centered, intersectional feminist, anti-racist tenets. We recognize that members of the Pony Sweat community hold different types of privilege and we strive to make our community as culturally abundant as possible.

We articulate these values and community agreements to ask all of us to acknowledge our varied experiences, maybe do a privilege scan and ask ourselves how we can care for one another (and beyond), when we come together as a community. Each of us is responsible for creating and protecting the container of this practice, and so we ask everyone to bear these ideas and agreements in mind when doing Pony Sweat. And when mistakes happen, we hope we can learn from one another and practice compassion.

Dance Community Joy

Monthly Mixtape is Pony Sweat’s original class format that consists of a series of dance routines set to a mixtape-style playlist! The mix is emotive and meaningful and hopes to stir and inspire expression, and over the course of a month, we explore the same movement. See class descriptions.

Price: Sliding scale $12 - $25
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