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GOOD MOVE is a dance and mindful fitness studio for movers of all levels, genders, races, shapes, and sizes located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We offer classes for movers, shakers, people who love to dance, people who have never danced but always wanted to, people who like to laugh, folks who like to sweat and feel free, and anyone getting to know their body for the first time. GOOD MOVE dance is for  EVERYBODY. Our classes are designed to take the intimidation out of dancing and help you feel the joy, freedom, and empowerment of expression through movement.

Movement Exploration

Class Descriptions:

Adult Beginner Dance Hot Bitch - Even the shyest movers have a little hot bitch inside them, just waiting for a chance to let loose and drop that booty! This class is for anyone who has ever felt intimidated by a Dance Class with a capital D. It's a no-judgment space, a warm and inclusive experience where you're encouraged to embrace your desires and your style as you learn the basics. Class starts with a soothing mind/body meditation, into learning basic pop/ contemporary dance steps, with a little bit of sassy contemporary choreo. Dance and be free!

Modern-ish - Wanna move big and free, noodle around, take up lots of space with expressive, athletic, full-hearted movement? Our Modern dance class is for movers looking to drop into their bodies and spirits, explore accessible modern/ lyrical choreography, and express themselves through dance. It's a lil modern, a lil contemp, and A LOT OF FEELING!

The Good Move - Our namesake class, This class was created to give you a taste of our favorite movement medicines all in one dose. Give your mind, body, and soul a boost with HIIT intervals, strength training, dance cardio, core conditioning, expressive movement, and stretch. No choreo, no pressure, just a whole lot of heart expanding, stress relieving, sweat inducing fun.