Evan Rosenblatt Dance Shot

Evan Rosenblatt is a Dance Artist, Choreographer, Movement Educator, and Holistic Health Strategist. His private practice "The Conscious Dancer," teaches movement, dance, and wellness through the lens of sustainability, using modalities such as imagery, anatomical concepts, somatics, meditation, evolutionary-based movement patterns, improvisation/technique and community based experiences to elicit nervous system refinement. Evan teaches "Anatomy of Movement" and "The Conscious Dancer" in the CalArts School of Dance, and a wide variety of Technique, Choreography, Somatic and Kinesiology classes at Cal St. Northridge. He earned his Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Dance Science where his research investigated the effects of imagery, anatomical awareness and somatic-based disciplines on the experience of wellness and embodiment during the creative process. He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Movnat, the Franklin Method and has served thousands of hours in apprenticeship in Rolfing (Structural integration) Qi Gong, Somatic Experiencing, The Feldenkrais Method and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Evan has danced for Invertigo Dance Theatre, The Assembly, Pasadena Dance Theatre, Carlon, and performed in the works of Jerome Robbins, Robert Moses, Sarah Rudner, Vincent Patterson, Ohad Naharin, Ron De Jesus, Jose Limon, Thomas McManus and Alex Ketley among many others. His own creative work spans stage, film, lens and site, and has been presented globally at multiple conferences and festivals.

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