a black and white photo of casey in profile. she had dark hair, a nose ring, and a black tank top

Casey Shea is a dance maker and artist newly based out of Los Angeles. She recently graduated from the University of the Arts, under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield, with a BFA in dance. She has been in original works by Paul Matteson, Jennifer Nugent, Sidra Bell, Jesse Zaritt, Katie Swords, Tommie Waheed-Evans, as well as re-stages by Beth Gill and Helen Simoneau. Casey studied dance as an academia, she took classes that emphasized the importance of the language around dance, the history behind it, the anatomy of the body, and how dance stands with and in relation to the rest of the world. She has had the opportunity to travel around Europe and Israel to dance and perform with her university. Casey has also attended summer intensives throughout the country including Axis Connect, Gallim Summer Intensive, TL company intensive and Sidra Bell Intensive. While making work, she is interested in the overlapping and collaging of space, bodies and music. For the last two years, she has presented work at the American Dance Awards where she was named Young Choreographer of the Year 2018 and 2019.

Recently in Los Angeles, she has performed at Mash-Up International Women’s Day Festival, Brockus Residency Performance, the A.C.E Awards, Breaking Ground Festival, and multiple other venues. Casey is showing work at the Young Choreographer’s Festival at Symphony Space in New York City coming 2022. She recently produced and performed in her own show, in collaboration with Nicole Nistal, called Lavender. Lavender showcased 17 female identifying, queer and poc choreographers and premiered at Atwater Village Theatre in december.