two people stand in black and white tunics looking at the sky with multiple people laying on the ground around their feet

Blue13 Dance Company is an American dance theatre ensemble based in Los Angeles, with a mission to drive a substantive shift in the perception and practice of American dance through performance, outreach, and education. For over 20 years, Blue13 has connected audiences through the power of live, aesthetically and culturally daring dance, performing in the U.S. and abroad in its highly energetic and theatrical modern dance style that is inspired in part by the classical and cultural art forms of the Indian subcontinent.

A first-generation South Asian American, Blue13’s Artistic director, Achinta S. McDaniel pulls precision, humor, and deep emotion from her ensemble to create work as rebellious and unconventional as its architect. Storytelling through dance is central to the company, as is a continual exploration of technique with its cast of dancers of many backgrounds. The work is moody, rhythmic, and charged, presenting the audience with an intelligent experience of performance that turns the cultural stereotype of Indian dance on its head.

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Learn from our director and team of teaching artists and dance alongside Blue13! Each class will focus on a particular style — modern, contemporary, jazz, Bollywood, classical and semi-classical Indian styles, jazz funk, whacking, Bhangra, and more. You may even learn some of Blue13’s repertoire…

Classes are open level and are designed to introduce dancers to the many disciplines performed by Blue13 Dance Company. If you have any questions or concerns, feel welcome to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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