Three dancers kneel beneath disco balls in black and white costumes and purple, blue and yellow light

Founded in 2014, Acts of Matter is a project-based performance group with a mission of revealing and reveling in our greater humanity through investment in process and collaboration. The work of the company is grounded in an unfettered willingness to attempt something while accepting the possibility of its failure. This physical exertion—this act of trying—is the core of humanity in the work. As a choreographer, Artistic Director Rebecca Lemme is inspired by the ability of movement to move people—to stir in them something innately human: the need to find connection. Acts of Matter hinges on the belief that as a society we are defined by what unites us—by what makes us similar, not what makes us different. Drawn from immensely personal inspiration, the work creates a window in which others can see their own experience reflected. It suggests that at the core of every private struggle or individual joy is something universal. 

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Rebecca Lemme, AOM Artistic Director, will be leading RELEASE, BALLET, IMPROVISATION, DIALOGUE, and PROCESS and will be joined by a diverse collection of esteemed guest facilitators for the Focused Study in-person workshops.