Leah Zeiger Headshot

Leah Zeiger is a choreographer, dancer, and activist based in Los Angeles. As a survivor of a teenage abusive relationship, Leah's work is largely derived from her lived experience as well as embodied research in the survivor community. Leah’s methodology - Body Memory - invokes somatic principles, improvisational scores, and body-based research to explore the ways in which our bodies hold memory and how those memories shape our life experience. In 2015 she founded The Sunflower Project, an organization that uses dance to educate young people on abusive relationships, which was launched by the premiere of the documentary “Untold” that tells the harrowing story of Leah’s abuse. Leah has her Bachelor’s in Dance, summa cum laude, from Columbia College Chicago. She has worked for the Joffrey Ballet, Red Clay Dance, Lucky Plush Productions, Joel Hall Dancers & Center, danceCREATE, and more. She was recently a simultaneous artist-in-residence at Volta Performing Arts and Awakenings Art, which involved a year-long inquiry into the question “how do survivors move?” and resulted in the premiere of her first evening length original work “Once It All Ends”. In 2021 she was nominated as a contestant for the Women’s Center for Creative Work’s LA FEMINIST ICONS. Leah is currently in production for her next original evening length work, titled "You Live In My Spine".