This 2.5 hour event is for all levels and abilities - no dance or Qigong experience needed to attend!

Join us in this beautiful and open experience together. Co-teaching for the first time, Francesco Garri Garripoli and Hannah Millar have created a beautiful connection through their love and passion for Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and guiding Movement. Hannah has studied under and learned from Francesco the past two years, receiving a Qigong Teaching Certification in the Wuji Hundun and Organ Cleansing Forms taught by Francesco. Francesco is Chairman Emeritus and senior advisor to the National Qigong Association and current Chairman of the Qigong Institute. Hannah is an internationally renowned Choreographer and dance teacher, who uses dance and movement to guide others to their most authentic and free self. 

Francesco will guide the first half of the class in Meditation and Qigong followed by Hannah guiding the class in improvisational tasks and movement that flow off of Qigong, using the energy in and around our bodies to connect deeper with ourselves and those around us.


Vibrant Health Understand your true nature and how to tap into the Qi Effect 

Discovering Joy Transform your subconscious conditioning and awaken your Heart 

Accessing Energy Are you running on low energy? Discover the truth about tapping your Qi source 

Life Transformation Breathe deep... change is good when you remember you can guide the unfolding 

As a dancer, Hannah has found Qigong to be one of the most empowering tools to aid her in connecting how movement should feel rather than focusing on what it should look like. When we focus on the inward approach to movement, we gain a confidence in ourselves and trust our intuition fully... the outward experience, whether it's dance, walking or conversation becomes more meaningful and powerful.

March 20th 4-6:30pm 
$35-$55 sliding scale (pay what you can)


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