Please join us for two exciting works
Choreographed/Conceived and Directed by Laurie Sefton
Q&A to Follow Performances on Friday evenings

The Mythology of Self
Original music by Emer Kinsella, Bryan Curt Kostors and Victoria Vasta
With special guest artist Mezzo Soprano Carmen Voskuhl
Photographers Skye Schmidt and Denise Leitner
Visual Artists German Diaz and Merissa Mann

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things
Original music by Bryan Curt Kostors
Dance Artists:
Alisa Carreras
Emily Krenik
Madeline Lacambra
Mizuki Sako
Sidney Scully
Nicholas Sipes
Costumes by Merissa Mann and Leon Wiebers
Lighting Design by Dan Weingarten

The Mythology of Self explores the idea of who we are and how we present ourselves in terms of our gender identity and virtual presence. This is live performance altered, manipulated and filtered though many lenses to create a multitude of images projecting the imagined and dreamed of self.  With a photographer and visual artist live onstage.  Mythology examines how we have altered our perception of and transformed our digital selves into a continual cache of moments. The Mythology of Self will be performed to original music by Emer Kinsella, Bryan Curt Kostors and an introduction and coda sung live by Mezzo Soprano Carmen Voskuhl composed specifically for her voice by Victoria Vasta.

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things was originally inspired by the life and work of Madame Marie Curie, it has become an homage to women and how they are categorized by others in the working world.  Sexy, smart, aggressive, women are still battling for autonomy of their bodies and to be taking seriously in many fields today.  This multi-layered work examines the process of women at work, the first ever crowd funding campaign run by women for a woman (M. Curie) and the idea that womanhood, growth, support and decay are all closely related to each other and the elements in the natural world.

Sept. 16, 17, 23, 25 @ 7:30p

Tickets available here
Tickets are General Admission $25.00

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