Over my years of teaching and choreographing, I have always been intrigued with helping dancers figure out how to make movement feel the best in their body. I would notice so many dancers lose balance, miss transitions, not extend to their full ability, feel like they are getting a job done rather than experiencing the movement, see tension and pain held in so many places - I ALWAYS SAW A GAP in movement. How can we close this gap in awareness and understanding?

As I’ve learned about yoga, Qigong, Reiki, Sound Therapy, and several somatic practices I realized the importance of connecting with every layer of our body. I always say, “what we do to one layer we do to all”. So when we are harsh to ourselves in our mind, we feel our bodies tense up and we physically can’t achieve what we want our bodies to do. When we dive into the energetic layer, we feel our minds calm and our bodies connect fully with the floor and the space around us. Not fully understanding these layers is where the gap lives.

July 22-25th 12-5 PM Daily

Tuition Cost: $250 

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